about US

All my friends call me Nata, but I also go by Natalie :) American born, but Russian at heart, Im not sure exactly how I would describe myself aside from sharing my likes and dislikes. I Married a hunk of a Ukrainian man, Sergey,  back in 2012, and we have the cutest little girl, whom we call Nella, or as we nicknamed her: Nellbear. She is seriously my pride and joy, hopefully someday you can meet her ;) We believe in Jesus Christ and his salvation! We love lazy mornings as a family in front of the fireplace and exploring new places. Ive got a healthy obsession with homegoods and Raisin & Nut chocolate bars from Aldi. Seriously, Its starting to become a problem :P We love to travel together and enjoy new locations, and capture the beauty God put into this world. I love making smoothies (if you like, follow my health page on Instagram @natakalatiu) and have a very large collection of miscellaneous cups. You will constantly find me baking in the kitchen, Its all about that balance, amiright? 

My passion for photography began long ago when I was gifted a camera from my mother. To this day I still see things in pictures. I get giddy seeing the beautiful golden hour light. My favorite time to shoot.

Weddings, Maternity and Engagements are what I love to capture most. 

A little about my work...

Im a sucker for shooting outdoors, Unless you get in in a massive white natural light up studio space ;) I love the sublte color pop in my photos and have been leaning more and more into film like feels, striving to capture raw emotions. 

I put my heart into every session. I would be humbled and honored to have you as my client if you believe I'm not just another wedding vendor. I'm part of your special day from start to finish. Capturing memories for you, your family, and relatives to share, laugh, cry and reminisce for years to come. Id love to not just an acquaintance but also grow to be your friend :) 


Based in Charlotte, NC